The UKSPA, founded in 2009, unites the leading structured product providers who are active in the UK. Their key objective is to inform and educate the investment community on the value that structured investments can offer, which it achieves via working with other industry bodies, financial advisers, the trade press and regulators.

EUSIPA was founded in 2009 as the membership body for issuers of listed structured retail investment products. It brings together the national associations of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, and now also the UK. EUSIPA focuses on achieving a fair regulatory framework for the certificates and warrants markets and promotes product transparency and standardisation through projects such as its product categories map.

UKSPA chairman Jamie Smith said:
“The UKSPA is delighted to formalise our partnership with other European associations, and will continue to collaborate with Eusipa on key projects and consumer issues. All involved share the same mission – to improve the structured products market for consumers in the UK and across Europe – and together we will support investors and market practitioners with the education and transparency they need.”

EUSIPA president Reinhard Bellet added:
“EUSIPA unites the sector expertise for structured retail products in Europe. The UK side of the market, with its mature issuer landscape and educated investor audience, is in that context an important link. We look forward to working with UK SPA on the numerous regulatory and business issues for which our sector needs a strong voice. The experience it has garnered on the professional education side in particular will provide an important synergy.”